Behind the scene

HDJ Sign, founded initially in Colorado, offers stunning custom-made LED Neon Signs worldwide.
Our signs are handmade in our factory and sold in over 50 countries to customers, including consumers, artists, small businesses, and some of famous brands.

Our Story

HDJ Sign™ has been a leader in crafting bespoke signs with unparalleled design, top-notch materials, and exceptional craftsmanship since 2019. With a sprawling production area spanning 10,000 square meters and a talented team of 25 designers, we deliver excellence in every project.

Moreover, we guarantee to match or surpass any competitor's pricing. Rest assured, you'll receive a premium product at the most competitive rate from a reliable and trustworthy company.

Our advantages

All our signs, sculptures, wall art, and lamps are meticulously handcrafted using flexible Led lights and silicone tubes mounted on transparent acrylic backboards, stands, or enclosures.

Our Led neon products offer a range of advantages, including affordable prices, cost-effectiveness, durability, energy efficiency, safety, lightweight construction and easy installation.

Despite these benefits, they deliver an astonishing visual impact that rivals, or even surpasses, that of traditional glass neon signs.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to become the most adored and trusted supplier of Led neon signs. Illuminate every corner of the world with our dazzling Led Neon Signs.

Transform your company logo, beloved song, inspiring quote, your child's name, or even the silhouette of your furry friend into a vibrant neon sign, table lamp, captivating neon sculpture, or wall-mounted light. The possibilities are endless with modern Led neon! We specialize in crafting breathtaking Led neon artwork, an extensive range of attention-grabbing business signs, exquisite wedding name signs, personalized neon signs for gifting, customized neon home decor, and Instagram-worthy Led neon signs for parties and events.

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We have thousands of satisfied customers that include internationally recognized brands, local stores and restaurants, Instagram stars, brides, party planners, home decorators, and so many others. Are you ready to get your own sign?

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