Custom Outdoor Led Lightbox

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Light Box Description
Product Name Light Box Szie

A1 , A2 , A3 , A4

Color Black , Silver Material Polystyrene+​Aluminum
Detailed Description
Creative new design backlit poster light box which easy to replace pictures from side.
ultra-thin poster frame light panel with aluminium frame.
Super-clear Semi-tempered glass with alumium frame 50k hours light box.
Restaurant or showroom advertising light box with easy installation and picture-replacable design.
A1/A2/A3/A4 standard sizes latest design LED board panel light box. Weak electric 12 global standard light box.
Kindly Reminder: For safety please keep children away from our product when is electrified.
In the case of purchasing multiple light boxes.If you need advertising posters, we can print them to you.But there are some fees to pay (contact us)


Description Parameter
Product Size A1 Light Box A2 Light Box A3 Light Box A4 Light Box
Voltage, Current, Power 12V , 1.4A , 17W 12V , 1A , 12W 12V , 0.5A , 6W 12V , 0.25A , 3W
Number Of Beads 240 144 80 56
Frame Size 850mm*605mm*12mm 600mm*435mm*9mm 427mm*311mm*9mm 304mm*225mm*9mm
Poster Size 841mm*594mm*0.2mm 594mm*420mm*0.2mm 420mm*297mm*0.2mm 297mm*210mm*0.2mm
Weight/Piece 4.2kg 2kg 1kg 0.55kg
Package Volu​me 1020mm*720mm*100mm 720mm*540mm*80mm 540mm*400mm*80mm 430mm*320mm*90mm


Q1:Are you manufacturer or trade company?

A1:we are professional manufacturer of signage industrial.

Q2:Can you custom make as our design and requirement?

A2:Yes,please kindly send your design drawing and detail requirement to us.

Q3:Are your products waterproof for outdoor(include light soure and power supply)?

A3:Yes,they are waterproof for outdoor.

Q4:Do you have any warranty for the products?

A4:Yes,for LED light 2years warranly 3years warranly for material.

Q5:How do I received my products installed?

A5:The installation drawing and all accessories will be shipped with products.

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