Many people wonder why such a big price spread; they look like the same; both can light and seem cool. No, they are not the same thing.

The main difference between neon and LED is technology. Neon signs are hand made from glass tubing. The letters or forms are bent from pieces of glass, and parts of the sign are painted black to stop those parts of the tube from lighting. This creates separations from words or design elements.

Neon signs generally have visible wires and insulator caps where the wire connects to the neon tube, which also has a transformer that's usually mounted on the backing of the sign. anyway, there are ways to make the transformer out of view, if you have any concerns about this, please contact us.


  • more charming and old fashion
  • "warmer" lighting


Led light is a modern alternative to traditional neon. Led signs are built from a flexible tubing that contains little Led lights with an opaque layer to diffuse Scattered rays of light into a uniform glow that imitates a traditional neon tube.


  • Weigh less than traditional neon
  • Generally less expensive than traditional neon
  • More energy efficient/produce less heat
  • No extra wiring or transformers necessary
  • Less fragile - travel well, great for trade shows, etc.

And we all sell flex neon light, a combination of the traditional glass tube neon and modern led light. You could custom the neon with our customizer, or if you have ideas and logo, please contact us directly. we'll work with you to make sure your custom neon sign is perfect. And we'll beat any competitors' price which you could get your top quality products at the same time.Click on right now





14 agosto 2020 — Liulili

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