Neon signs have illuminated our streets and businesses with their vibrant glow since the early 20th century. Their allure isn't just in their luminosity, but in the stories they tell – of times gone by, businesses that once thrived, and the ever-evolving landscape of urban design. But what happens when these glowing pieces of history break or wear out? Is there a hidden treasure in that old, flickering sign in your basement?

Broken neon sign collecting dust

The Historical Significance of Neon Signs

From the bustling streets of Las Vegas to the quaint diners on Route 66, neon signs have been more than just advertisements; they've been landmarks. In the 1920s and 30s, they symbolized modernity and progress. Businesses that sported these signs were seen as trendy and forward-thinking. Over the decades, as businesses closed and brands evolved, many of these signs were discarded or left to decay. However, their historical and aesthetic value has never diminished.

Factors That Add Value to Broken Neon Signs

While it might seem counterintuitive, broken neon signs can be of significant value. Here's why:

Age & Rarity: Older signs, especially those from the mid-20th century, are highly sought after. If it's from a business that no longer exists or features a logo that has since been redesigned, its value increases.

Iconic Brands: Signs from globally recognized brands, like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or vintage gas stations, can fetch a higher price, even if they're not in perfect condition.

Artistic Merit: Some neon signs are works of art in their own right. Unique designs, intricate craftsmanship, or signs made by renowned manufacturers can be worth a lot.

Shattered neon sign on the floor

The Market Dynamics

There's a diverse market for broken neon signs:

DIY Enthusiasts: With the rise of the DIY culture, many see a restoration project in a broken neon sign. They relish the challenge of bringing it back to its former glory.

Collectors: For some, it's about owning a piece of history. They might not even restore the sign, preferring to keep it in its found condition.

Businesses: Trendy bars, restaurants, or offices might use them as unique décor items, adding a retro vibe to their interiors.

HDJ Sign: Breathing Life into Neon

At HDJ Sign, we've always been fascinated by the allure of neon. Our expertise isn't just in creating new, custom neon signs, but in restoring old ones. Whether you have a broken sign you'd like to bring back to life or want a custom piece that tells your story, we're here to help. Our custom neon signs are tailored to your needs, ensuring they resonate with your brand's message while adding that vintage charm.

Flickering neon sign with damaged tubes

Determining the Worth of Your Neon Sign

If you've got an old sign gathering dust, it might be worth more than you think. Start by doing some research. Check online marketplaces, consult with experts, and compare with similar items. And if you're thinking of restoring it, remember: the team at HDJ Sign is always here to help.

In Conclusion

The world of neon signs is luminous and vast. Even if they're broken, they hold stories, memories, and value. Whether you're looking to sell, restore, or buy, there's always a glowing opportunity waiting.

31 octubre 2023 — MIMI

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